2022 Best Hairstyles for Men

man hairstyles 2019
Men’s hairstyles for 2022 are all about tapered sides, fades, and a little bit of length on the top. While it seems like a short cut is always in style, there are a few key details that make these trendy hairstyles as fresh as possible. Whether you want to add in some texture or chose a classic tapered cut, the best hair cut near me styles this year are all about men embracing their natural texture while staying sharp.

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1. Textured Crop

Reminiscent of the age-old bowl cuts, the textured crop is the cooler version for the modern man. This year’s take on the fringe-y cut features highly textured hair with a tight crop at the sides and front. While this textured crop works best with wavy, curly, and kinky hair it’s a great style for all men looking to try something new.

While this hairstyle requires regular maintenance to maintain the crop and cut, it involves very minimal amounts of fuss. With a great styling paste, all you need is a few minutes to style it every day to complete the look.

2. Undercut Quiff

Whether you call it a quiff or a pompadour, this hairstyle is quite popular with men of any age. This quiff is perfected when paired with the sharpness of an undercut as the stiff volume of the pompadour makes this look work so well. The best version of this cut allows the hair to taper off throughout the sides and neck with enough length on top for fringe and added volume at the front. Complete the look every day with a bit of clay or pomade to group the hair together when styling in the morning.

3. Tapered High & Tight

male hairstyle 2019The high and tight has been popular for quite a while and isn’t going anywhere soon. This tapered style is a low maintenance but a style-conscious look. Ideal for the man that doesn’t want to style on a daily basis, this haircut it perfect for anyone that wants a bit of length to make their look interesting.

When getting this style, ask the barber for the sleek version of this look with short sides and back, finished with a compact crop at the top. Your finished cut will have textured length with a modern cut all the way around the rest of the head.

4. The Man Bob

This style is for the man that refuses to cut his hair. With a cut like this man bob, guys can embrace their longer, messy hair without letting things get too out of control. This style works well for men with shorter to medium-length hair that have a bit of texture to their natural hair. With a fresh trim to the ends and a bit of styling pomade, this style is easy to wear and can look as polished or casual as you want it to.
The best hairstyles in 2022 are short, natural, and highly textured. Whether you’re into the pompadour or hoping for the cleanest tapered shave possible, any one of these hairstyle options will make you look your best.