2019’s Best Hairstyles for Women

women hairstyles 2019
2019 has a wide variety of sexy style selections for women. From a loose and more wavy look to cute curly bangs. The best blowout bar in scottsdale has beautiful and unique styles. There are quite a few hot trends that all women will love this year. Check out the following four styles to make sure your look is on-trend.

1. Curly Bangs

hairstyle bangs 2019In 2019, more and more women are embracing the natural look. Instead of using harsh styling process and products, women are choosing to style their hair in ways that embrace their natural kinks and curls. With this all-natural trend comes the popularity of the curl bang style.

These curly bangs feature everything from shoulder length styles to bob-length curls with a fringe of curly goodness. While some people believe curly bangs require a bit more maintenance than any other hairstyle, curly girls that want to try this trend just need a diffuser and the right styling product to make these curls pop while keeping them soft and versatile.

2. Blunt Bob

Bobs never really seem to go out of style and the blunt bob is no exception. With blunt bobs, women everywhere are chopping their strands for bolder and shorter cuts. The boldest take on this trend features a perfect cut, with the hair work unstyled and slightly messy. While any hair type can wear this style, this look works well when the cut is as sharp as possible.

3. The Shag

women hairstyle shagThe shag hairstyle is a throwback to the ’70s. This shag itself is a bit of a textured long bob that has shaggy ends. As a messier take on the blunt bob, this shaggy style is great for women that want to add a bit of playfulness to their loose look. With a bit of texturizing spray and finishing creme, this look is easy to style on a regular basis.

4. Curtain Bangs

It seems as though bangs are one of the hottest trends in 2019 and curtain bangs are certainly a laid-back take on a more formal fringe. This look features lots of texture and layers and can work with long or short hair. These curtain bangs perfectly frame the face as they drape longer, almost reaching the eyes. Easy to style and an excellent solution when growing out short bangs.
2019 is the year for bangs, natural looks, and perfectly messy cuts. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your style, consider any one of these looks. With the right cut and a few tried and true products, you’ll take your look to a whole new level.